Why Attend


  1. Get Fired Up With Ignite HR
    One hour of six to eight dynamic presentations tackling this year’s theme: What’s Next.
  2. Connect With Your Best Support Group
    Grow your network of forward-thinking leaders to provide the support, accountability, and energy you need to propel the HR profession forward.
  3. Think Differently
    Challenge yourself and others to think differently, try something new, and find a better way.
  4. Get a Key Seat at the Executive Table
    HR increasingly holds the keys to important business drivers, metrics, resources for growth. Be prepared for the task.
  5. Change the Reputation of HR
    Re-brand HR’s reputation to one that embraces change, drives strategy, and has confidence to take risks.
  6. Focus on HR Leaders
    HR Reinvention is open to HR leaders only. That means your whole day will focus on what’s most important to you—exchanging ideas with leaders who are pushing the HR profession forward.
  7. Breakaway From Your Typical Breakout
    You’re not coming to listen. You’re coming to participate. Engage with the speakers, ask questions, give feedback, and offer like or differing points of view. This is your conference too.

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